Good things come to those who wait

…and wait…and wait…and wait I have.

My level of patience has often been revered. Traffic? No big deal, that’s why I have music and radio. Lines at the grocery store? There are magazines to make fun of, or temptation in the form of chocolate-covered whatevers to consider; that I will inevitably talk myself out of purchasing.

Ferris Bueller may be right when he says that life moves pretty fast, but it doesn’t mean that I have to.

When it comes to my life experience with dating, and even relationships, I’ve certainly wrestled against the frustration when something wouldn’t work out and I’d be left pondering, “Will I ever meet someone who could be a true contender for taking my last name?” (No, this is not a direct quote)

While typically trying to remain optimistic a vast majority of my dating experiences in the past decade often increased the level of doubt to this ever-present question.

That is until I met her almost a year ago:

CaliTrip (10)

No, I didn’t meet her in a subway. This is from a trip we recently took to visit my old home of Los Angeles. In fact, let me briefly entertain you with some pictures from said trip.

Here we have a foggy shot of my home-away-from-home when in LA – the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica:

CaliTrip (4)

We also decided to visit Hollywood:

CaliTrip (2)

The Universal City Walk (near Universal Studios Hollywood):

CaliTrip (6)

There were even a couple of visits to one of my favorite donut places, that have the BEST old fashioned EVER:

CaliTrip (7)

But one particular place we decided to visit was my absolute favorite from this trip. We did a wine tasting in Malibu. I can assure you that during the pictures that follow neither of us were drunk, or really even slightly buzzed.

CaliTrip (5)

CaliTrip (8)

CaliTrip (3)

This is also where I ultimately decided to then do this:

CaliTrip (13)

Which resulted in many gestures like this for the remainder of our trip:

CaliTrip (9)

So that’s it.

After 33 years of patience I was finally able to trick some poor woman into accepting the invitation to put up with my crazy shenanigans for the rest of our lives.

This is FAR from the end of the story, and not even really the beginning. You see, we’ve decided to start a blog together where we can share our own personal experiences during the entire wedding planning process. We are stuck on what to call it though, so any suggestions are welcomed with open arms.

Otherwise stay tuned for information on the name, and web address, for the new blog where the fiance and I will share stories…past, present, and future.


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